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Some Data Your MAGA Friends Won't Like

Updated: 4 days ago

There are 71 U.S. counties that generate over $50 billion in GDP. Every single one of them is blue. Blue county GDP is also higher per capita, as would be expected in more vibrant, faster-moving economies with higher rates of exchange.

The world's progressive democracies left the U.S. behind in relative life expectancy long ago. The U.S. has been dropping down the lists for many years now.

Red states fill out the bottom of the list in average life expectancy. (Florida's numbers are somewhat inflated because of the influx of retirees). Hawaii, California, and New York top the list in average life expectancy.

Blue states are "donor states," while most red states are dependent states.

The right loves to claim guns make people safer, but firearm deaths are higher per capita in red areas. "Many states in the U.S. do not have strong firearm laws or strict gun ownership rules. As a result, an abundance of gun-related injuries occur in states where gun laws aren't strong."

Another source regarding the high rates of gun deaths in red areas

States with weak gun laws supply guns to criminals in other states.

Crime in blue states often involve guns trafficked from red states. "The U.S. must address its gun trafficking crisis."

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