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See the anti-racist meme Facebook considers to go against their community standards for hate speech:

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Our Facebook page was once a thriving page for its size (around 8000 followers). It was far more active than other pages of its size. We regularly posted commentary, infographics, and memes to promote leftist causes, one of which was anti-racism.

It took about a decade to build this organic following, but Facebook found reasons to shut down its reach.

Facebook began dinging us for certain memes years ago; the earliest was one depicting Adolf Hitler, that poked fun at right wingers who claim socialists were Nazis.

More recently Facebook determined a meme poking fun at KKK members claiming not to be racist (click the link to view it--we had to post it on another page so FB wouldn't pick the image up in the link all over again) went against their community standards, and consequently throttled our page's reach, which now limits our posts' reach to an average of single digits, and appears to be permanent.

It's likely Facebook's algorithms just picked up the KKK image and determined it was hate speech, but their appeals process didn't help.

It also didn't help that their on-screen appeal processes often don't even function; this is another issue that we noticed hasn't been upgraded or addressed in several years by Facebook. There's no way to reach a human being, and we're not sure if their determinations on appeal that do seem to work are algorithmic or human.

Facebook's largesse includes the seeming lack of any need to employ human beings, or even pay any attention to improving their community standards determinations algorithms (sarcasm is a widespread and useful phenomenon, especially in online meme culture) nor their appeals functionality. It's especially egregious that their "community standards" are subjective, and therefore faulty from the get-go.

And all this while Facebook is allegedly employing AI to improve things.


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